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Call for Papers

Full Papers and Abstracts are invited to submit. All submissions to the conference will be reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content. Interesting topics are listed below for your reference only, and not limited to the following topics:

1. Family Business Themes
- Sustainability of Family Business
- Succession Planning and Family Conflicts
- Professionalization and Family Culture
- The Role and Executive Compensation of Top Management Teams in Family Business
- Corporate Governance in Family Business
- Family Business Performance
- Family Business Decision Making
- Impact of Family and Ownership on Strategic Processes
- Impact of Family on Network Relations
- Development of Family Groups in Developing Economies
- Family Dynamics
- Organizational Structures in Family Business
- Belief Systems in the Family Enterprise
- International Family-Owned Business
- Conflict Prevention/Avoidance
- Other Areas of Family Business

2. Entrepreneurship
- Social and Community Entrepreneurship
- Woman Entreprenurship
- Cultural Entrepreneurship
- Entrepreneurial Universities
- Entrepreneurship Theory Development
- Entrepreneurial Marketing
- Entrepreneurial Finance
- Entrepreneurial Human Resource Management
- Entrepreneurship Ethics
- Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Innovation
- Green Entrepreneurship
- Networks and Entrepreneurship
- New Technology Ventures Financing
- Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship
- The Digital Revolution in Entrepreneurship
- Governmental and Regional Policies on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Teaching Entrepreneurship
- The Role of Universities in Fostering Entrepreneurship
- Other Areas of Entrepreneurship 

3. Strategic Management (in the context of Family Business and SMEs)
- Strategic Management and Joint Ventures
- Coopetition Strategies
- Organizational Learning
- Industry Disruption, Co-creation, and Management Responsiveness
- Business Models, Co-location, and Innovation Failure
- Capabilities - The Role of Learning and Knowledge
- Innovation Strategies
- Blue Ocean Strategies
- Cooperative Strategies
- Organizational Theory
- Organizational Behavior
- Corporate and Strategic Entrepreneurship
- Behavioral Theory and Creativity
- Network Dynamics, Sensemaking, and Action
- Foresight, Capabilities, and Performance
- Other Areas of Strategic Management

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Call For Papers

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